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Tips to Create Timely and Relevant Hyper Contextual Promotions

by | Nov 12, 2020

Learn how to send the right campaigns at the right times to the right people.

As Australian businesses re-open and recover from the lockdown, the challenge now is to find ways to engage current and new customers and capitalise on opportunities to find new ones. For example, businesses can maximise the upcoming holidays to grow their customer base and boost their sales as people go out and do more shopping. To make this campaign effective and successful, hyper contextual promotions will become the driving force for businesses to push special offers to the right customers at the right time. 

Hyper contextual promotion helps businesses stand out from regular marketing promotions by pushing relevant and timely promotions to customers near you in real-time. By using mobile marketing strategies to direct more transactions in physical stores, it allows business owners to reach more customers in their community and drive more growth for their business.

The key to successful hyper-contextual promotions depends on its relevance and timeliness to your customers. To create effective promotions that will drive more store transactions, below are tips to maximise your hyper contextual marketing.

Tip #1: Identify marketing strategies that will work today.

Now that Australia is starting to recover, businesses should assess which strategies will be effective and convenient for their customers. After all, what may work before the pandemic may not work today.

For instance, before the lockdown, 40% of Australians say they would pay more for a personalised shopping experience. However, according to a study by KPMG, this has changed during the lockdown as customers preferred a ‘back to basics’ approach. For example, customers in the retail sector favour functionality of products over personalised services, while customers in the quick-service restaurant sector want a reliable and consistent service over personalised experiences. Post-lockdown, businesses must now offer relevant and real-time communication, promotions, and services to offer real value to a growing number of customers who prefer valuable brand conversations.

Moreover, ask yourself the following questions: What can you do and not do based on your acceleration plans? How will you make your products or services more convenient for your customers? How can you add more value to your products or services in this day and age? Consider these questions to identify the right marketing approach for your store.

Tip #2: Partner with a local area marketing platform today.

The Imfree platform allows businesses to create and send hyper contextual promotions on desktop and mobile.

If you want to accelerate your business especially this Christmas, partnering with a local promotions app allows you to be where your customers are the most—online. In fact, most customers use their smartphones to browse products and purchase online. A recent Deloitte survey found that 24% of Australians prefer to shop using their mobile phones.

Now that customers use their mobile phones to shop and check deals, businesses can use local promotions apps like Imfree to create a seamless customer experience by promoting on online platforms and allowing customers to redeem deals in your physical store. Moreover, with a local promotions app, you can easily target people in your community with relevant and timely promotions or deals.

For example, the Imfree app allows you to promote special coupon offers or current sales events. It alerts nearby users of your latest promotions allowing you to drive more sales at the same time. Digital promotions platforms like Imfree make it hassle-free for businesses to achieve growth by targeting the right audience at the right time with the right offers.

Tip #3: Take advantage of customer needs at a specific time.

Knowing what your customer may need during a specific time of the day or day of the week will allow you to create timely and valuable promotions for your products. Offer special discounts on your products during a time when your customers would need it the most. For instance, a grocery store can push deals on vegetables in the morning, or a restaurant can offer a discount on a sundae during a hot day.

Aside from spontaneous sales events, hyper contextual promotions are also perfect for targeting customers during seasonal activities like the holidays or occasions such as Christmas,  Valentine’s, or Mother and Father’s Day. Using the Imfree app, businesses can promote upcoming holiday sales, coupons, or rewards. In turn, this creates anticipation and more brand awareness for your store resulting in increased sales during your promo period.

With the Imfree app, you can maximise time-based and weather-based promotions by easily pushing deals or discounts to local customers in real-time.

Tip #4: Look for trends in your engagement and transactions.

Imfree’s Actionable Intelligence platform for smarter local area marketing

Which deals or items currently sell the most in your store? Look for a trend with your promotions and see which offer or item you should be pushing the most. This will not only increase your sales but also cater to your customers’ needs.

Identifying trends is easier if you partner with a digital promotions platform. With the Imfree app, you can see relevant analytics on your promotions such as the current number of views, clicks, and transactions through its Actionable Intelligence feature. The feature gives business owners a birds-eye view of their promotions’ overall sales and performance. 

Based on these metrics, you can determine which deals or discounts appeal the most to your customers. It also helps identify items that customers may need soon. Ultimately, these data and trends will help you know the best offers to promote and the best time to market to your customers.

Offering promotions with value

What makes hyper contextual promotions effective is its capability to reach the right people at the right moment with the right offers, creating value for the customers. Offering valuable products or services through effective local area marketing will give stores the push needed to grow their business. Using the tips above, business owners can tap on their market in real-time, promote their offers better, and steadily increase store transactions over time.

To help local stores and brands accelerate their business, Imfree offers its digital solutions for free. With the Imfree app, business owners can establish their store’s online presence and reach customers who are interested in their offers. To start creating hyper contextual promotions to local customers online, sign up to Imfree today!

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