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The New Normal of Connecting with Your Most Loyal Customers

by | Sep 22, 2020

Making the most of your digital loyalty program in the time of pandemic


Social distancing brought by the COVID-19 pandemic may have created a physical gap between businesses and their customers but it has also connected them in new ways. As the pandemic forces people across the globe into a digital-centric way of life, businesses have to rethink ways to infuse virtual customer experience with a human touch. To retain loyal customers, especially in these trying times, building a digital loyalty program that is operationally efficient is important.

A study conducted by Nielsen showed 46% of global consumers are more likely to try new products or services than they were five years ago. This, along with the economic implications of the pandemic, highlights the urgent need for businesses to overhaul existing customer loyalty programs in a bid to survive in the months or years ahead.

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Migrate paper-based loyalty cards

Digital-first marketing solutions are important in engaging customers now more than ever. It is increasingly clear that digital loyalty programs are a key consideration, especially in engaging busy and hyper-connected customers. This is supported by a Nielsen study stating that creating a “more digital experience” for customers is the top reason businesses make or plan changes to their existing loyalty promotion strategy. Digital loyalty programs have become a must to retain loyal customers and encourage them to shop more often.

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Make onboarding simple and easy

Aside from making loyalty programs accessible online, businesses should also choose a loyalty scheme that is simple. A lengthy, complicated loyalty program with excessive terms and conditions as well as onboarding process might discourage customers from signing up in the first place.

Offer a more personalised experience

As loyalty becomes a digital experience, businesses should ensure they are delivering a more personalised experience for their loyal customers. Nielsen said in a study that the bulk of its respondents are willing to recommend a store that offers a more tailored and personalised service. Digital loyalty programs can be useful in analysing what customers need and want by tracking purchases. Some digital loyalty programs allow businesses to gather and analyse customer data, enabling them to offer a more personalised experience. It also gives businesses more insight into customer behavior, which can guide them in forging emotional brand connections in a time where personal interaction is minimised.

In an increasingly digital world, it is important for businesses to surprise and delight customers with benefits that go beyond traditional rewards. Businesses, especially the more vulnerable retailers who do not have the expertise or resources they need to revamp their loyalty scheme, should tap a local area marketing provider to accelerate the process of revamping their program and accessing high volumes of customer transaction insights.

Businesses need to realise that they cannot innovate and improve their topline unless they get serious about treating customers right. Now is the best time to invest in a digital loyalty card and improve customer experience to earn their unwavering loyalty and continued business.

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