Maleny IGA revitalises community with Imfree

by | Aug 6, 2020

Connect your local businesses with local customers.

Maleny IGA is renowned for helping the community by supporting Local Groups and Local Suppliers. And their partnership with Imfree, a local area marketing and promotions platform, has helped Maleny IGA to innovate their business by using Next Generation, Hyper Contextual promotions.

See how Maleny IGA are using Imfree.

Imfree’s mission is to support and amplify retailers and fast food businesses all over Australia. Imfree is the first “PhyGital” platform that helps you engage customers on a hyperlocal, hyper contextual level to drive sales, loyalty, and ROI for your business. These solutions along with the mobility of Value Seeking consumers have met and businesses can now connect with them at exactly the right time and the right place.

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