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Grow Your Business Faster with Digital Loyalty Programs

by | Dec 17, 2020

Embrace effective digital customer solutions with a loyalty rewards app.

As Australia transitions back to normal, more businesses have been implementing and pushing for reward programs to encourage customers to make repeat purchases. After all, reward programs help enhance customer experience and build customer loyalty. Moreover, 50 percent of consumers say that they join loyalty programs mainly because they want to earn rewards for everyday purchases. For this reason, it makes sense for businesses to tap on loyalty programs to increase transactions and also take advantage of the Christmas shopping season.

However, which type of loyalty program should you use? Everyone is familiar with traditional loyalty programs that use physical cards to count purchases or store points. For both businesses and customers, traditional loyalty cards are simple and straightforward to use. However, physical loyalty cards are already being replaced with digital loyalty cards as more businesses implement digital loyalty programs.

After all, a digital loyalty program is a smarter way to track customer purchases easily, target customers with the right loyalty offers, and engage customers to keep them coming back. In addition, research by pqCode shows that 26 percent of shoppers from ages 16-34 see traditional printed loyalty cards as a hassle because it adds bulk to wallets and is easy to lose. However, moving to digital loyalty programs will help win customers back as a Juniper Research study says that memberships for digital loyalty programs will increase to 48 billion by 2023 globally.

Aside from these reasons, here are more insights on why you should choose a customer loyalty rewards app.

1. A digital loyalty card provides convenience.

A survey by CodeBroker found that 97 percent of millennials who joined loyalty programs would engage more with the program if they can view their information via their smartphone. After all, most consumers now use their phones to browse shops, order online, pay online, and more. With a digital loyalty card, customers can keep track of all their purchases and rewards in just one app.

Imagine this. With your digital loyalty app, customers can see your latest loyalty rewards promo like “Buy five drinks, get one free”, select your loyalty program offer, keep track of their purchases, and redeem their reward in your store easily. This will be an effective and encouraging way for customers to keep coming back to your store especially now that Australia is going back to normal.

Loyalty rewards apps like Imfree allow both business and customer to experience a convenient and seamless means to engage inside and outside the store. Businesses can also easily migrate their existing loyalty program. For example, the Imfree app offers customisable loyalty card templates to help you create or transfer your loyalty card online. To know more, watch how Imfree’s loyalty card works:

2. Learn more about customers based on purchase habits.

Using a digital platform allows businesses to collect necessary data to figure out what offers, rewards, products, or services that their customers need the most. After all, 75% of consumers look for personalised experiences when interacting with a brand. Knowing all of these data will help you create the right offers that will engage your customers and encourage them to use your digital loyalty program and buy more of your products.

With Imfree, you get an analytics dashboard showing real-time visibility of your loyalty program offers’ views, clicks, and sales. This allows you to see if you should prolong a loyalty reward offer or switch to a better offer that will engage customers. Using these data, you can monitor sales performance, product effectiveness, and customer trends.

Use your platform’s data to differentiate your digital loyalty program from the competition and give direction to your loyalty program’s offers. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, the power of automation has made it easier for businesses to collect and use data effectively.

3. Keep your business on your customer’s minds.

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Digital loyalty programs also serve as a line of communication between a business and a customer. Businesses can inform customers directly about upcoming or latest rewards for their loyalty program allowing them to stay in the minds of customers. For example, the Imfree app allows businesses to create and send push notifications to their customers in real-time, maximizing the platform to engage customers. 

Digital platforms have raised the standard for customer experience as it allows and encourages businesses to develop a better relationship with customers outside of visiting their store. Using a digital loyalty app will help you build that one-on-one relationship that’s crucial to establishing customer loyalty and retention and increasing sales in the long run.

The simple act of delivering the right message at the right time to the right customer makes it a powerful tactic for allowing customers to remember your products whenever they need it. With the Imfree app, businesses can engage new customers and keep loyal customers interested.

4. It widens your audience reach.

Digital loyalty programs will come in handy as businesses re-open and recover and more people will shift towards digital services. A survey says that 75 percent of people who used digital channels for the first time during the lockdown say they will continue using them after the pandemic is over.

This means that more people from other age groups and markets will prefer digital services moving forward. This also means that small and big businesses will need to incorporate digital channels into their customer experience to stay relevant to customers and be on par with competitors. With digital loyalty apps, businesses can tap that growing market and broaden their reach within the community. It also helps people discover their store and loyalty programs online. 

With the Imfree app’s local area marketing capabilities, reaching the right audience is possible. Imfree is not only a loyalty app but also a hyper contextual promotions app allowing local stores, retailers, and big brands to maximise their promotions and customer engagement online. Broaden your reach and customer base through a digital loyalty app.

Using digital solutions for business growth

A Juniper Research on digital loyalty programs predict that digital loyalty will differentiate businesses and brands as the market becomes increasingly commoditised. The research recommends that businesses should adopt digital loyalty solutions to leverage data and provide omnichannel loyalty experiences for customers. The research also points out that this adoption is critical for brick-and-mortar stores to recover from lost revenue due to the lockdown and increased offline-to-online spending.

This is why small and big businesses should start adopting a digital loyalty program as early as now. Use your digital loyalty app to find creative ways to engage new and current customers, and build a loyal customer base. 

To help businesses use digital loyalty and promotions effectively, Imfree offers local retailers, stores, brands, and manufacturers of all sizes a free online platform to promote special deals and loyalty programs.
Start growing your business again by signing up here for free and setting up your online promotions and digital loyalty platform in just a few clicks.

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