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Introducing PhyGital

The first “PhyGital” platform that connects local customers
to your bricks and mortar store to increase transactions.

Local Area Marketing and Promotion

Engage customers and drive sales in real-time by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Always Agile

Respond to business needs with online marketing tools to help your business thrive.

Growing Your Business is Our Business

Imfree is the first real-time Local Area Marketing and Promotions platform
that enables your business to connect with a relevant and responsive audience – that you can measure.

Through the Imfree mobile platform, you can create deals, discounts, rewards, and loyalty programs that your customers will love.

Imfree’s real-time, targeted, and localised approach will help you to grow your business.

Our Solutions

We’ve made it easy for you to target and connect with your local community through our promotional and loyalty app.

Real-time Promotions

Instantly publish special deals and discounts to the right customers in your area.

Digital Loyalty Card

Digitise and create the best rewards program for your loyal customers.

Content Publishing

Engage customers with engaging content that promotes your products and services.

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2. Promote

Create and publish deals, discounts, and loyalty programs.

3. Connect

Reach and engage targeted local customers in real time.

Imfree is proud to partner with

The National Retail Association (NRA) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports, informs, protects, and represents retailers and fast food businesses across Australia. The NRA also offers members with the latest industry information, news updates, and insights to help their business grow and succeed.

As a partner of NRA, we empower local businesses by providing a reliable local area marketing and promotions platform that effectively targets the right audience at the right time.

We connect local businesses with local customers to help revitalise communities.

Some of our brand partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Area Marketing?

Local Area Marketing is an effective way for small and large businesses to reach, engage, and maintain relationships with local customers.

With local area marketing, you can identify the needs of your local customers, plan better campaigns and promotions, and turn your community into your loyal customers.

How can promotions help your business?

Promoting deals, discounts, and rewards encourage your local community to transact with you.

With Imfree, you have an all-in-one promotional app that helps you to create local marketing campaigns that bring you closer to customers within your area.

In turn, you establish your brand in the community and increase your transactions.

How can loyalty programs help your business?

Customer loyalty programs encourage repeat and long-time customers to interact and transact more with your business.

With the Imfree app, you are able to create and implement the best rewards programs for your patrons. This creates a long-term relationship between you and your local community.

How has Imfree helped other businesses?

Our business solutions cater to small businesses, as well as large retail, brands, and services who want to leverage online marketing strategies to target local customers.

Hear how our partners used Imfree for immediate ROI and know how we can help you too.