Introducing PhyGital

The first “PhyGital” platform that connects local customers
to your bricks and mortar store to increase transactions.

Local Area Marketing and Promotion

Engage customers and drive sales in real-time by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Always Agile

Respond to business needs with features designed to help your business thrive.

From 99¢ a day

The most cost-effective way to accelerate your business.

Growing Your Business is Our Business

Imfree is the first real-time Local Area Marketing and Promotions platform that enables your business to connect with a relevant and responsive audience – that you can measure.

By providing our members with locally rewarding offers, you can navigate customers to the things they love – in your store.

Imfree’s hyperlocal, hypercontextual ecosystem will help you to grow your business.

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The National Retail Association is a not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of retailers across Australia. We exist to support, inform, protect, and represent the interests of retailers and fast food businesses. NRA Members can expect to receive the latest industry information, the fastest news updates, and the best range of industry insights to help their business grow and succeed.

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